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A Day In The Life

November 19th, 2014


We read the news today, oh boy,
About a studio that made the grade…

And that grade comes from the lovely people over Duffle Coats UK with their journal post ‘A Day In The Life Of A Duffle Coat Photoshoot’.

Over three days our experienced fashion photographer Jenni Baker worked with the guys from Duffle Coats to produce a wide selection of advertising and ecommerce images like the above, showcasing DCUK’s great range of duffle coats, jackets and knitwear.

Check out the full post here for an account of the shoot straight from the horse’s mouth.

Always a pleasure working with Duffle Coats. Thanks guys!

Bear Faced For Children In Need

November 14th, 2014


In 2013 BBC Children In Need ran a campaign entitled ‘Bear Faced’, promoted by a number of TV personalities, musicians and artists, encouraging women to strip themselves of their makeup and wear only a small black paw print on their face in order to raise awareness and monetary donations for Children In Need.

Such was the success of last year’s effort that CiN have decided to revive the campaign again this year with singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Saturdays star Rochelle Humes and actress Michelle Keegan leading the charge, all photographed by the prestigious photographer Rankin at his London studio.

So after a bit of gentle persuasion we though we’d have a go ourselves, with 6 of our lovely ladies going bear-faced to support the wonderful cause of Children In Need.

There Is A Light…

November 11th, 2014


…and it never goes out. Well, it does, but not in the same way that flashes do. We’re talking about constant light, a.k.a. tungsten.

Renowned fashion photographer Miss Aniela wrote of tungsten lighting “I consider constant lighting to be an exciting continuation of all those improvised tungsten sources I’ve liked to use in the past, but a more controlled way of illuminating a scene by eye.”

Roomsets like our shot above, lit with a state-of-the-art ARRI lighting rig and shot using a long exposure, show a controlled but natural flow of light, creating a more realistic impression of daylight. This image and many like it are photographed daily at our West Yorkshire studio. Don’t be fooled by the greenery, that’s the work of our Photoshop wizards. Check out or previous post ‘Behind Every Great Man‘ for more info on what the post production team get up to.

Browse our roomset portfolio for more examples of tungsten lighting and feel free to share your thoughts on and experiences with tungsten below or by tweeting us at @Prodoto.

Behind Every Great Man…

November 7th, 2014

Post Production V2

We’ve all heard it, right? ‘Behind every great man is a great woman.’ We believe this is true, though sometimes it would be more apt to say ‘there is a great woman rolling her eyes!’

So what relevance does this phrase have to us? We decided it would be great to kick off our new-look blog with a tribute to one of our busiest departments: post production, because we believe that behind every great photographer there is a great Mac operator.

Many day-to-day viewers of our images think they see a photograph, whereas they in fact see a photograph and a lot of digital artwork. As much as we’d love to have a few ghosts around the studio to model our invisible mannequin photography, this isn’t a luxury we have! It is the job of post production to ensure that the final article our customer sees has all the special touches that can’t be achieved with even our top of the range cameras.

The above image is just a small example of what our post production team do on a daily basis. In addition to mannequin shots, our post production team’s work can include anything from removing the smallest blemishes from a product packshot to adding a ceiling (yes, a ceiling) to a roomset image.

So here’s to the post production team, the unsung heroes of the photography industry.

Got any post production or Photoshop stories to share? Comment below or tweet us at @Prodoto.

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